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Information for parents and carers

Ring or email us for an enrolment package

How do I enrol my child?

Simply ring the office on 4945 2404 and ask for an enrolment package to be sent to you.

You can also visit us and pick up an enrolment package.

Fill in the application for enrolment and return it to the school.

We will then contact you to organise a time to meet and discuss your application. us or drop in and have a chat about enrolling...

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be Catholic to enrol in a Catholic School?

No many of our families are non-Catholic.

Can I come and visit your school?

Yes we welcome new families and encourage people to visit the school and talk to the Principal and the class teachers.

Can I talk to a Kindergarten teacher about what I can do to help my child transition into 'big' school?

Yes - simply ring the school on 4945 2404 or email us on  and we can organise a suitable time

Does the school provide support for children with special needs?

Yes we do. If your child has special needs they will be assessed to ensure that any assistance or programs are suitable for them and will be beneficial. In addition to additional support all our teachers are very experienced in working with children who have special needs.

I have heard that some schools discourage parents from helping with reading and group work?

We have many parents who come in and help out. We welcome parents and believe that parents and teachers are partners in the education of children.

Do I have to live in a certain area to enrol in your school?

No. In the Catholic Diocese of Maitland Newcastle we believe that parents should have the right to enrol their child in the school of their choice and not be restricted by zones or boundaries. We are fortunate to have school buses that transport to most of the surrounding suburbs.

Does your school have an information evening?

Yes we have an information evening for parents of children who are starting school. This evening is open to anyone regardless of what school their child is enrolled at. Our Kindergarten teachers also speak at many of the local preschools about school readiness. Please contact us to get venues, dates and times.










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