St Francis Xavier's Primary School














When does school start and end?

Our morning bell rings at 8:50 a.m. and the children are dismissed in the afternoon at 2:50 p.m.


What is your average class size?

Currently we do not have any classes over 27.


 How many children are enrolled at the school?

There are currently 132 children enrolled.


 Do the classrooms have interactive whiteboards?

Every room has an interactive whiteboard in addition to a series of networked computers. Our library also has an interactive white board.


 Does the school have a computer lab?

Yes the school has two labs. Our main lab, of 21 computers, is in the Library. We have a secondary lab of 12 computers, between our Kindergarten and Year 1 classrooms. In addition to the two labs we also have a wireless network which supports the schools bank of Windows 8 tablets. These tablets can be used throughout the school for individual, group or class activities. 


 What types of sport does the school offer?

Our Infants classes do a range of modified sports in addition to gross motor programs. The children in years 3 6 have a variety of sports that the can participate in. These include Touch Football, Oz Tag, Netball, Soccer and T-Ball. In addition to these the children also have the opportunity to participate in inter school Rugby Union, Rugby League, Soccer, Touch Football, Oz Tag, Cricket and Netball competitions. Many of these sporting activities also offer opportunities for the children to compete at regional and state level. The school also has an annual Athletics and Swimming carnival which provides opportunities for talented children to compete at regional and state competitions. In Terms 2 & 3 all children in Years 3-6 represent the school in netball or soccer each week in the Macquarie Schools Cup.


 Are there any opportunities for children who are creative or musical?

 The school has a musical every three years that all children in the school participate in. This musical is held at the end of the year at the Hunter School of Performing Arts Auditorium. The school also competes in the Lakes region debating competition. In addition to this the children in Year 5 and 6 learn to play a tuned instrument (recorder).


 What opportunities are there for parents to be involved?
Parents can be involved at all levels: in classrooms, hospitality, fundraising, liturgies, on excursions, training sporting teams, as canteen and library assistants, at sporting events and working bees.


 Can only Catholics enroll at St Francis Xavier's?
No. We have many non - Catholic families in our school.


 How does the school prepare the children for high school?
We work very closely with the staff at St Mary's Gateshead to ensure that the transition to high school is as stress free as possible. The children are involved in a transition program that involves visits to the high school and information sessions for the children and parents.