(Stop And Look In Days)


What does S.A.L.I.D mean?

S.A.L.I.D is an acronym for Stop And Look Inside Days.


What happens on theses days?

Parents and friends can visit classes and experience some of the things that the children do at school.


Which classes are doing S.A.L.I.D?

Every class will have a S.A.L.I.D this term.


Can I go to another classes' S.A.L.I.D?



If I come to a classes' S.A.L.I.D what will I see?

You will not simply watch you will have an experience. A student guided experience.


When do they start?

Week 4 (see timetable for more information)


When can I visit during S.A.L.I.D?

Anytime between 2 and 2:45p.m.


Can I talk to the teacher about my child's progress and work in class?

S.A.L.I.D is time for you to talk to your child and for your child to tell you about what they are doing.

S.A.L.I.D Times

SALID will occur in terms 2 and 3 this year. We will advise times and days later this term.